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Merseyside Cricket Umpires Association

Colleagues are reminded to regularly check the Members section

Next Open meeting Thursday 29 September at Bootle CC at 7.30pm

Owner: D Jones

(Thursday 29 September)
Kevin Wilson reports that Fred Leonard is out of hospital and at home where he is able to receive visitors
(Monday 26 September)
Ray Rigby reports that Dave Lee has had a quadruple heart-bypass procedure and is recovering well
(Friday 16 September)
Walking cricket sessions are held in St Helens every Wednesday between 9.30am and 10.30am and the umpire's fee is £15. Any MCUA member who is interested should contact John Williams on 07757 441978 (KW)
(Thursday 15 September)
The LCB Womens Cricket Development Officer has organised a Womens Club 6-a-side hardball championship at Northern CC this coming Sunday, the 18 September

All 3 pitches are being used as 12 teams have been registered so 6 umpires are required. Play starts at 11.00am and the final is scheduled to commence at 2.30pm

If you are available to stand in these matches please get in touch with me as soon as you can. The fee for the day is £38 which will be paid by the LCB

Hugh Evans - LCB ACO

(Thursday 15 September)
Dave Lee is going into Broadgreen Hospital on 23 September for a heart-bypass procedure. We wish him well (RR)
(Tuesday 6 September)
Congratulations to the former MCUA member John Isterling and his wife Myra who have been awarded an LCB OSCA for their services to cricket (DJ)
(Wednesday 31 August)
Graham Pearl's funeral service will be held on Tuesday 6th September at 12 noon at Prescot Parish Church and then at St Helens Crematorium at 1pm (HE)
(Tuesday 30 August)
Hughie Evans reports that Graham Pearl passed away last weekend. He was a member of MCUA from 1999 until 2009.
(Monday 29 August)
Good News 1 - John Farrell has been appointed to officiate at the National T20 Finals Day at Derbyshire CCC on Tuesday 6 September. The event will be televised by Sky TV but only highlights will be broadcast (DJ)
(Monday 29 August)
Good News 2 - Chris Dunn has been appointed to officiate in the Lancashire Cup Final at Middleton CC on Sunday 11 September. The finalists are Farnworth CC (Bolton League) and Denton West CC (Greater Manchester Cricket League) (DJ)
(Monday 29 August)
Good News 3 - Mike Dixon has passed the ACO level 3 Scorer's course (DJ)
(Tuesday 9 August)
Pitch and Spirit marks up to 30 July 2016 are available
(Tuesday 26 July)
John Farrell has found another video clip showing a Handled the ball incident
(Tuesday 26 July)
Was Yorkshire limited-overs captain really sorry for remarks to umpire Martin Saggers? Read on (JF)
(Monday 18 July) Kev Wilson has produced an Observers guide which can be viewed in the Member's section
(Monday 18 July)
John Farrell has found a video clip of the bouncing bail
(Wednesday 29 June) John Williams has expanded on my statement about the effect of Summer sport on Junior cricket (DJ)
(Wednesday 29 June) ORMSKIRK - UMPIRE'S ROOM
As you may be aware the buildings improvement programme is now underway at Ormskirk CC resulting in the demolition of the umpires room. The works are expected to continue through to the end of the season

A temporary umpires room has been established in the building adjacent to the new bowling green, located at the far end of the car park. The room has toileting and washing facilities and is a secure facility (John Williams)
(Sunday 26 June) In the past few weeks I have had 4 independent conversations with officials responsible for junior cricket at their clubs. One club had over 80 registered members 2 years ago, this season they cannot raise a team at any age group!! The other 3 people indicated similar problems and the coincidence is that they are located in Rugby League playing towns - Wigan, Widnes and St Helens. The Rugby League decreed 2 years ago that all competitive matches from Super League down to junior rugby should be played in the Summer months.
Clubs are so dependent on the juniors "coming through" and the current situation does not bode well (DJ)

(Sunday 26 June) An article has appeared in the Guardian newspaper highlighting the state of cricket (DJ)
(Friday 25 June)
Message from Hugh Evans

As you will be aware, MCUA will not record a poor captains mark against an umpire if that umpire has submitted a Discipline Report following that match. Discipline Reports go direct to Eric Hadfield. To ensure that your marks are adjusted at the earliest opportunity, it would help if you would copy Kevin Wilson into the email that you send to Eric. If you have already submitted a report in past weeks, send a copy to Kevin now
This will ensure that you are not disadvantaged by the submission of a Discipline Report

It is important that Eric receives the reports as soon as practicable so that clubs can act on the report and that sanctions against the player can be applied prior to the weekend following the incident. Sending a copy to Kevin will not impact on the discipline process (HE)
(Friday 10 June)
I have placed your home district/town against your name on the Who's Who web page to aid members who wish to travel with a colleague to a match. If you do not want this facility against your name, please text me. Also if the district/town is not right, text me (DJ)
(Monday 23 May)
Rob Jansen is working very hard to promote the Opening Up campaign and he has a message for his colleagues :-

I am sure you are all aware of Opening Up Cricket and what caused it to be set up. Those of us who knew Alex will remember what a nice guy he was and his death was a tragic loss.

They will provide free sew on badges for us to wear on our jackets, jumpers and shirts.

I know senior colleagues within the MCUA support this idea so please take up this chance to put another badge on your umpiring clothing and let me know how many badges you would like

Let's support a great cause and raise their profile further

Just email me with how many badges you'd like and leave the rest to me

(Saturday 21 May)
Kevin Wilson is still able to umpire the shorter midweek matches (JF)
(Monday 9 May)
Kevin Wilson has temporarily retired from umpiring because of dicky knees. He is not lost to the game because he will be scoring for New Brighton CC until he recovers. We welcome back Tony Lock to the ranks after his dicky knees have been mended. (DJ)

(Monday 25 April)
Congratulations to the pictured members, Peter Freeman for services to MCUA, Chris Dunn for his KO Final appearance at Lord's and Hedley Molyneux (Leigh CC) Young Player of The Year, who have been presented with MCUA awards for 2015/16 (DJ)

(Wednesday 13 April)
IMPORTANT RULE VARIATION in respect of games started on Saturday 16 April ONLY. If the game once started is not able to be completed then irrespective of the state of the game and the number of overs completed – the game shall be replayed at the same venue. Run rate and/or bowl outs will NOT be activated on this occasion. For further information see L&DCC site (Chris Weston)
(Monday 11 April)
Pictures of members and guests at the MCUA dinner (PF)

(Sunday 10 April)
Congratulations to the pictured members, Karl Skelton, Dave Laybourne, Lol Watts and Steve Pitt who have been presented with ECBACO awards in the last few weeks (DJ)

(Friday 25 March)
Congratulations to Mike Dixon who has been appointed 2nd XI Scorer at Lancashire County Cricket Club. He follows in the footsteps of Chris Rimmer who is now the 1st XI Scorer at the County (DJ)

(Monday 14 March)
All changes to availability should now be sent to John Farrell
(Monday 14 March)
Any members receiving LCB or National KO appointments or any appointments from a non-MCUA source MUST inform me so that I can update the web site. This will prevent me attempting to appoint you to an MCUA fixture on the same day (Chris Dunn)
(Sunday 6 March)
Paul Edwards article about our good friend Chris Rimmer
(Friday 26 February)
3 new mobile 'phones have been bought for use by the Appointment and Assessment Officers, the numbers are displayed on the Appointment Home page. Mobiles used last season are now defunct (CD)
(Monday 15 February) Yellow and Red cards?? (John Farrell)
(Monday 11 January)
Message received by Peter Freeman

On behalf of all at Garstang Cricket Club we wish to express our gratitude in respect of the donation towards the Club after our recent flooding of the ground and facilities, it's going to be a long hard task ahead of us. Again many thanks for your donation

John Ball
Secretary Garstang CC
(Monday 21 December)
MCUA has sent a £200 donation to be shared between Garstang Cricket Club and the Cumbria Cricket Board after the devastating floods in the Carlisle area (HE)
(Monday 9 November) Chris Weston reports on umpires who were taken to court by injured player

(Monday 9 November)
Vice-president of MCUA, Chris Bell has decided to retire from umpiring. He joined MCUA in 1992 and stepped down in 2012 when he became Old Xaverians 2nd XI umpire. During 2015 he stood in his shortest ever match which was all over in just over 1 hour. (DJ)

(Monday 2 November) One for our members to raise an eyebrow at (John Farrell)

(Tuesday 18 August)
Congratulations to Chris Dunn who has been appointed to umpire the National Village Cup Final on Sunday 13 September. The game is at Lords' cricket ground between Woodhouse Grange CC and Foxton CC. Chris is the 5th member of MCUA to be appointed to umpire at Lords' (DJ)

(Sunday 2 August) This season there has been a lot of discussion about bowlers delivering the ball from behind the batting crease and also from behind the umpire

It has been rumoured that there is a new Liverpool Competition regulation, which states that it is a No ball if the ball is delivered from around 24 yards but this is not the case. MCUA members discussed the situation pre-season and confirmed that if the bowler delivers the ball from behind the umpire it is a No ball because the umpire cannot see where the bowler’s feet land. His back foot may have ‘touched’ the return crease which is unlimited in length but usually only marked to a minimum of 8 feet

Some bowlers have asked the umpire to stand further away from the stumps so that they can deliver the ball further back. Law 3.10 Position of umpires states that “Each umpire shall stand where he can best see any act upon which his decision may be required”. Therefore, the umpire can refuse to move too far away from the stumps if he feels uncomfortable (DJ)
(Friday 24 April) Chris Weston has produced a short article entitled "Get the Game On" which is an ECB initiative
(Wednesday 22 April)

David Smith the scorer for Sefton Park CC and Lancashire Schools has been awarded the ECB ACO Scorer Level 2 Certificate (DJ)
(Tuesday 2 December) As you know Tom Smith's was not updated when the latest Law changes were introduced by the MCC in October 2013. Trevor Woodage of West Surrey ACU&S has produced a Word document which incorporates the changes to the book (DJ)
(Tuesday 25 November) An article has appeared in the Telegraph newspaper highlighting the state of recreational cricket (DJ)
(Sunday 23 November)

MCUA was founded 25 years ago in 1990 and 58 members and guests celebrated with a dinner held at Bootle Cricket Club last Thursday. The guest speaker was Nick Cousins, the Senior Executive Officer of ECB ACO, who regaled his audience with a fund of humourous stories about his time as an International Rugby Union referee. The food served by Kate and her helpers was of the highest quality as usual. The evening was driven expertly by our Chairman Hughie Evans who was wearing a tie

Photographs taken during the evening can be viewed here (DJ)

(Thursday 16 October) Recently, there was an amazing catch taken by Australian Steve Smith which caused controversy.(DJ)
(Sunday 10 August) MCC has updated the series of animations illustrating some of the Laws of Cricket (DJ)
(Wednesday 16 July) Colleagues are reminded that the tea interval lasts for 30 minutes and should not be shortened because there has been a late start to the match (DJ)
(Friday 11 July) It was decided at last evening's Open meeting that a ball delivered from behind the bowler's end umpire will be called a No ball. If the umpire cannot see the bowler's feet he cannot be certain that the back foot did not touch or cross the return crease which is unlimited in length. In a T20 match this No ball will result in a free hit. (HE)
(Friday 11 July) When marking the boundary section on the report card, umpires should be aware that a mark of 5 cannot be given if there is a rope but no flags around the boundary
(Friday 11 July) Members are reminded that when standing alone, the stand-in umpire must only stand at the striker's end never at the bowler's end. Also the stand-in umpire must not be under 18
(Monday 9 June) During the rain showers last Saturday, I was asked by a number of spectators about the 'Buttler run out'. I have uploaded some thoughts on the matter to my online training web site, explaining the difference between MCC Laws and ICC Regulations (DJ)
(Monday 12 May) Colleagues are reminded that "Excessive and orchestrated appealing" is an L&DCC Level 1 Disciplinary Offence as is "Advancing towards the umpire in an aggressive manner" (DJ)
(Tuesday 6 May) Chris Weston reminds umpires that both sides must use the same type of ball (red or pink) in the early rounds of the ECB T20 matches. If there is dispute both sides revert to using a red ball
(Monday 24 March)

At last Thursdays Open meeting Dave Smith was presented with the President's Trophy for his contribution to MCUA (DJ)
(Tuesday 5 November) Hughie Evans has produced some notes on the DBS system which replaces CRB
(Sunday 13 October) MCC has devised a series of quiz questions to highlight some of the changes to the Laws of Cricket (DJ)
(Tuesday 6 August) David Halewood reports "In the match in which I stood on Saturday with Roger Eagles something happened which in 41 years of umpiring I have never seen before and was wondering if anyone else had seen it.
Faisal Ashraf came on to bowl with two left handers at the crease, he advised Roger that he was Right arm over and bowled regular off spin. A wicket fell and a right hander came in to bat in the middle of an over, Faisal then advised Roger that he was to bowl Left Arm Round, which he did with equal accuracy, and continued to change to left and right handers and took a wicket with each action.
(Monday 18 March) Our good friend Chris Rimmer of Ormskirk Cricket Club has been awarded the ECB ACO Level 3 Advanced Scorers qualification.
The advanced scorer will have experience recording a wide range of competitions involving different rules and regulations that may include multi-day matches. The Level 3 programme will build on that experience and sharing of best practice. (DJ)